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uBEE Perry Suspenders™ - Undergarment - Black

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Do you prefer to go "untucked" and let your shirt tail fly free? Our new uBEE undergarment suspenders are designed to fit comfortably beneath your shirt. These suspenders are similar to our regular product line, which feature Perry Clips that hook on the sides and have adjustable straps to fit your torso, but also feature include added features for maximum comfort: a soft underside lining and thin, lightweight straps. They also do not have the leather Perry patch on the back.

Our uBEE Perry Suspenders™ attach to the side of your belt at two points, rather than three like our other suspenders. Perry Suspenders™ are crafted with high-quality materials, making them built to last. Rather than traditional suspender clips that easily pop off, our suspenders use Perry Hooks which attach to your belt. Our design eliminates the fear of your suspenders not staying on all day long. Unlike traditional clip-on suspenders, Perry Suspenders™ won’t come off until you take them off!

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To measure UBEE Perry Suspenders™, measure the length from the top of your shoulder straight down to the bottom of your belt. Our regular size UBEE Perry Suspender™ maxes out at 24" in length, and our Big & Tall UBEE Perry Suspenders™ maxes out at 30" in length.

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