True Functionality

At Perry Products, we are always finding new ways to raise the bar. We firmly believe in moving forward. With products such as our world-famous Perry Suspenders, Perry Torches, and our new GQ Belts, you will see that the Perry way is the better way.

Novelty Suspenders


Smiley Faces or Cherries?  Tractors or Flags?  Motorcycles or tape measures?  Express your interests with fun suspenders!

uBEE suspenders come in 2" and 1.5" width and a variety of colors

Perry Suspenders


Our Perry Suspenders use a special design that allow them to hook onto your belt, rather than clipping onto your pants. With our patented Perry Suspenders, there is no more worry of your suspenders snapping off.

Perry Torch
The Perry Torch is an outdoor torch which provides beautiful landscape lighting. Our product offers a great alternative to tiki torches. With our canister design, the Perry Torch can stay lit up to 12 hours! The soft illumination of the torch provides a romantic and relaxing atmosphere. And, unlike your floodlights and yard lights, our product repels insects.

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